Why Wax Your Car?

A lot of people hear about car waxing but surprisingly, few people know what it actually is and how it can benefit your vehicle.

Car wax is a synthetic product that is designed to provide your car’s paint job with an extra layer of protection from airborne contaminants and other particles that can compromise the paint. There are a lot of good reasons to wax your car too. For one thing, it imparts a shine comparable to a new paint job. Waxing also protects your paint from oxidation and makes it easier to wash your car.

Here at Tint My Ride in Denver, CO, we use the highest quality waxes and apply them with the greatest care in our dust-free shop.

We can wax your car, van, truck, SUV, and other vehicles. Many people ask us, “do you need to wax your car?” to which we reply, only if you want to keep it looking nice.

Besides all the aesthetic perks, waxing your vehicle protects it from oxidation and can reduce the cost of repairs and paint refinishes. It’s a good idea no matter how you slice it.

Car Waxing FAQs

Not everyone is as obsessive about car detailing as we are here at Tint My Ride. However, we find that almost every motorist still wants their car to look clean and presentable. So it’s only natural that motorists have a lot of questions when it comes to waxing. These include:

  • What is the difference between car wax and car polish? There is a very big difference between polishing and waxing. Polishing is done before waxing and it helps smooth out the clear coat of your paint so that the wax can be applied properly. It doesn’t add a protective layer or fill in the gaps in your clear coat the way wax does.
  • What is the importance of waxing your car? Waxing is essential if you want to get the longest life out of your automotive paint job. It protects the clear coat of your paint so that it doesn’t start to peel off and expose the actual paint to harmful UV rays.
  • How often should you wax your car? It will depend on a couple of things like whether it’s parked in a garage or outside and whether you drive it in dusty, dirty conditions. On average though, it is recommended that you get your car waxed every three months.

Benefits of Waxing Your Car

Believe it or not, there are more than just aesthetic reasons to wax your car. While the looks play a big part, there are other benefits to regular waxing such as:

  • Improved Gas Mileage – It’s possible for cleaned and waxed vehicles to get an extra 2.4 MPG, mostly due to the decreased drag from debris, particles, and contaminants.
  • Paint Protection – Waxing your car will also prevent your automotive paint from deteriorating.
  • Blemish Prevention – A layer of wax can also protect your car from paint chips from flying debris on the road.
  • Enhanced Shine – Want your car to look like you just drove it off the lot? A good waxing will do the trick.
  • Reduced Scratch Visibility – Waxing can also fill in small scratches, making them invisible or near invisible.

Professional Waxing in Denver

Instead of spending an entire weekend afternoon laboring over your vehicle (with no promise of satisfactory results), why not bring your car into our shop? We offer professional-grade waxing for all vehicles here at Tint My Ride. This is our passion, and we treat every vehicle like it was our own. We are committed to quality and excellence because we know that’s how to make a name for yourself in this industry. You can get your car looking like new again with our professional waxing and detail service!