Frequently Asked Questions

What is your return policy?

Most of the services we offer involve films that can only be applied once and never reapplied. Because of this, we are only able to return the total price minus the cost of materials. Accessories and other physical products can be returned if they are unused and undamaged with a restocking fee of 15%.

So do you guys do walk-ins?

We always try and accommodate every customer that walks in our doors but unfortunately, sometimes we cannot work outside of our schedule. Because of this, we encourage customers to call us if they’d like same-day service for us to make sure that we can get them in or not. It is always best to schedule an appointment if you’re able to.

What are your hours and are you open on the weekends?

Our hours of operation are from 9 AM to 5 PM. We are open Monday through Saturday for appointments and walk-ins. We are usually closed Sundays but oftentimes we find ourselves at the shop. So if Sunday is the only day that can work for you, please contact us so we can attempt to accommodate your schedule.

I don’t have time to drop my car off, what can we do?

We offer a concierge pick-up and delivery service to ensure that your vehicle can be taken care of without any hesitation. We can pick it up, drop it off, or do both in order to make sure your vehicle gets the Tint My Ride Treatment that it deserves. Vehicles that are transported are treated with the utmost respect and are always driven carefully and safely. Prices vary for this service so please ask a sales representative or technician to explain per mile cost and any other stipulations that may coincide.

Can I leave my car overnight if I’m unable to pick it up?

That depends solely on the other work that is in the shop. If there are multiple vehicles in the shop staying overnight, we cannot guarantee anything. In instances like this, it is better to contact us beforehand so we can attempt to accommodate you. Vehicles that are left overnight will not be charged extra until it surpasses more than one night. Every additional night will cost $25 until the customer receives the vehicle.

Do you guys offer rides if we drop our vehicle off?

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer rides for customers who drop off their vehicles. We suggest that you coordinate a ride prior to bringing in your vehicle. With that being said, we will try our hardest to accommodate you but we can’t guarantee anything. If you feel like a ride would be necessary, please give us a call in advance so we can try and work something out in order to help you.

Do you guys offer mobile service?

Currently, we do not have anything in place as far as a mobile service goes. We prefer doing our work in our shop because it is a controlled environment and we have all the proper tools and equipment to accompany just about any job or vehicle.

What films do you use?

We are an authorized 3M window tint dealer so there are so many great films to choose from. If you would like a specific film from 3M, please check out the website to get more information on the film. We can get any film from 3M, but if there is a film that you would like that is not made by 3M, please let us know and we’ll do our best to get it for you.

I already have tint on my windows but I want new tint, how do we do that?

To ensure a quality installation, the old tint must be removed in order to apply a new tint. This process is usually longer than the application process and in some cases may take an entire day or longer if necessary to fully remove not only the tint itself but also the adhesive it leaves behind. Windows that have defroster lines will take much longer to clean because we can’t use razors on them. Instead, we scrub the adhesive off to prevent any damage to the defroster lines.

There’s a white border around my window, should I worry?

Some vehicles have windows that contain dot matrixes. The matrixes consist of small dots in a pattern around or on the window. It is not guaranteed that the film will ever fully lay down over these dots simply because the tint is designed to lie on smooth glass surfaces. This still should not affect the film from staying on the glass permanently.

Can I wash my car after getting it tinted?

Since the film is applied to the inside of the glass, you can get a car wash immediately after your car has been tinted if you would like. It will not affect it at all. If you would like to get your car detailed on the inside, please make sure that whoever is detailing the vehicle knows not to use any cleaners with ammonia on the inside of the windows. Ammonia will disintegrate and decompose the tint, which will in turn void the warranty. Make sure to always clean the inside of the windows with ammonia-free or tint-safe solutions.

Can I roll my windows down afterwards?

Please wait anywhere from three to five days before rolling down windows. This time allows the edges to seal so the tint doesn’t peel up while rolling windows up and down.

Will the tint affect my defroster lines?

The defroster lines will not be affected by the tint. If your car defroster lines are brittle, you might need to consider replacing that window before getting your car tinted. Brittle or cracking defroster lines may cause the film to bubble up and not fully adhere to certain locations. This may cause problems later down the line. If your defroster lines are in good shape, running them after the tint has been recently installed will help speed up the curing process for that window.

Does my car need to be cleaned before I bring it in to get it tinted?

Getting your car cleaned is only necessary when it is very dirty or has a lot of pet hair on the interior. The car being dirty from the outside may affect the outcome of a tint job in some cases so, but for the most part, isn’t usually a factor. If the interior of the car is not clean, expect that to influence how the tint job may come out. To prevent any possible issues that may arise from this, you can clean your car before bringing it in or purchase a detail from us to have your car cleaned before it is installed. Pet hair is the biggest concern because the films we use can create static electricity that attracts hair particles. This could cause imperfections in the tint that will affect the overall quality of the installation. So although it may not necessary to clean your car before getting it tinted, just remember that the cleaner a car is, the better the installation is going to be.

I just got my windows tinted and they don’t look right, why is that?

Because tint is applied with a water-based solution, it requires all of the solutions to evaporate before the film is fully cured. During this curing process, you may notice small bubbles or an uneven texture in some areas. This is caused by very minimal amounts of water being in between the film and the glass. Some films may also change color during this curing process. Your tint should return to its original color after the curing process is complete. It takes a minimum of 48 hours and a maximum of one month for the films to fully adhere and cure to the glass.

What can cause a job to be delayed?

Some cars are made of very tight gaskets around their windows in order to make sure they are adequately sealed. This, in turn, causes the job to take more time. In order to make sure a quality installation is achieved. Some cars have windows with drastic curves on their windows. The Corvette, for example, has a large rear glass that has major drops on the side. Eventually, this makes the preparation process longer. Dirtier cars will take more time in order to thoroughly clean the windows before the application process. These are just a few examples of what typically causes delays.

How long does it take to tint a car?

Every car is different, so times vary for each vehicle. Typically, the average car takes anywhere from two to three hours. Many things can cause a job to be delayed, but rest assured that our customer’s obligations and schedules are always taken into consideration.

Do you guys cut the film on the cars?

Our entire window tint is precision cut by a computer and plotter to ensure the safety of your vehicle. It allows the film to be cut to the exact manufacturer’s specifications. In rare instances, do we need to cut directly on your vehicle? If we do, however, the blades that we use are stainless steel and won’t scratch glass.

I purchased an online voucher for 5 windows but my car has more?

In this case, you will receive additional charges for the remaining windows depending on their size and location. These additional costs are for the price of materials and labor.

Do they come with warranties?

Each film has its specific warranty information, so please ask a technician or sales representative about each film and their specific warranties before completing your purchase

My window doesn’t roll down, is that going to be a problem?

Unfortunately, we do need the windows to roll down and be fully operational in order to ensure a quality installation.

Why is it so expensive to get tint removed?

Removing tint takes a lot of time to ensure that the windows are cleaned to the best of our capabilities. Purple or bubbling tint is usually the most difficult and time-consuming to remove. Removing tint also takes our installers away from doing jobs that don’t need removals, which are of course easier to complete. Removals are unpredictable and can cause our workflow to be affected. All of these factors and many others cause the price to increase because simply, it needs to be worth our time for us to ensure a perfect removal.

So what are the benefits of having a clear film on your windows?

Clear film gives you all the benefits of tinted windows minus privacy. These clear films contain more layers to prevent and absorb heat while also blocking 99% of UV Rays. They also don’t interfere with electronic signals and you won’t get pulled over for illegal tinting.

So which one is the darkest?

The lower the shade is, the darker it is. So in our case, 5% is the darkest tint we offer. On the other hand, 90% and 80% shades are clear for the most part so it looks as if it’s not tinted at all.

So what shades do you offer then?

We carry a variety of films with many shades to choose from. We offer films in 90%, 80%, 40%, 35%, 30%, 20%, 15%, and 5%.

I want to tiny my ride, but what’s the legal limit?

The legal limit varies state-wise, so please check with your local authorities to make sure. In Colorado, the legal limit is 27% visibility. Only 27% of direct light will be visible inside the vehicle. Going darker than the legal limit may result in tickets or fines from police or other government agencies.

What are the benefits of getting my car detailed?

There are many benefits to detailing your car. The most obvious being that it will be cleaned very thoroughly. Getting your car detailed extensively will help maintain its original condition and also protect it from new dirt. Getting your car detailed is a must in Colorado considering all the salt and chemicals that are put on the road in the winter in order to dissolve ice and snow. These chemicals eat away at paint and plastics over time so removing them from your vehicle as soon as possible is highly recommended. Detailing your car should be quarterly maintenance in Colorado just to ensure it stays clean and protected after it experiences all Colorado has to throw at it.

What exactly is going to be cleaned when I get my car detailed?

Each package comes with different services so please refer to the Detail page under the Services tab for more detailed information. If there’s something you want to be cleaned specifically and it is not listed, please contact us so we can provide you with more accurate pricing and information.

How long does a detail typically take?

It all depends on the size of the vehicle and what exactly is being done to it. Larger vehicles will, in turn, take more time. More expensive jobs will also require more time in order to finish all the services offered. With that being said, an average detail on an average-sized sedan can take anywhere from three to four hours.

What do I need to do in order to prepare my vehicle for a detail?

Simply organize your personal belongings or remove them from the vehicle before bringing them in to be detailed. Otherwise, it may interfere with the job and cause delays.

What do I need to do after I get my car detailed and where are my mats?

If you got the interior cleaned, you need to let it dry out before you put the mats back. If you can’t find the mats, they are most likely in your trunk. If you put the mats back too soon, it may trap the moisture between the mats and the carpet, which could lead to bacteria and mold build-up over time. To expedite the drying process, you can run the heater on its floor setting or crack your windows slightly to allow better airflow. As far as the exterior goes, treat it as if you would treat anything else you just got cleaned. Avoid puddles and dirty roads during the first couple of days just to ensure any dressing or waxes applied to the outside of the vehicle can fully dry.

What happens if it rains or snows after I detail my car?

We suggest that you check the weather in advance before bringing us the car. This will prevent a majority of issues that may arise due to possible weather. If it rains after your car has been detailed and you’d like to keep its great looks, remove the water as soon as possible with a shammy or absorbent microfiber towel. If it snows, however, it might take more to get it back to that great look.

What is a vinyl wrap or vehicle wrap?

Vehicle Wraps use vinyl wrap to change the appearance of a vehicle. Vinyl wrap is the material we apply to vehicles and they come in a wide variety of styles and colors. These wraps can be fully customized to meet our customer’s expectations and to help bring their dreams to life.

What are the benefits of getting a vehicle wrap?

Not only does it change the overall appearance, but it also helps protect the original paint underneath the vinyl. Getting your vehicle wrapped makes it more unique and also increases its value. For commercial wraps, the vinyl applied can contain anything that you’d like to be marketed or advertised in order to help your company get more exposure. The amount of recognition that you will receive from having company vehicles wrapped is almost endless considering that every person that sees it could be a potential customer.

Why does it cost so much to remove vinyl?

Just like a clear bra and window tint, vinyl wrap is designed to adhere very thoroughly without being completely permanent. Because of this, vinyl may rip and tear in some places during the removal causing it to take more time. Many other factors can also cause vinyl removal to take extra time in order to complete it thoroughly. Vinyl being removed on Show Room Quality jobs will take even more time to remove because the seams and edges are hidden.

Should I treat vinyl wrapped surfaces differently from painted surfaces?

Yes, because the vinyl wrap is essentially a giant sticker, you will need to be more careful when it comes to maintaining it. Hand washing vinyl-wrapped surfaces are recommended to prevent them from peeling or ripping. Using pressure washers or a touchless car wash can damage the vinyl and void the warranty.

How long does it typically take to get a vehicle wrap completed?

It mostly depends on the size of the vehicle and if it is a Quick Color Change or Show Room Quality. Quick Color Change, on an average sedan, can take anywhere from two to five days to complete. The bigger the vehicle, the longer it will take. Show Room Quality can take anywhere from four to seven days to complete on an average-sized sedan. Commercial Vehicle Wraps, also depending on vehicle size, can take anywhere from three to seven days to complete. More delicate vehicles will also need more time just to ensure every piece of vinyl is installed professionally and carefully.

What’s the difference between a quick color change and quality vehicle wraps?

A Quick Color Change is pretty plain and simple. We will apply the vinyl to the best of our availability without removing body parts such as lights and bumpers. This will allow us to finish wrapping the vehicle much quicker but it also means that some seams and edges may be visible. Getting a Show Room Quality wrap ensures that we will do whatever is necessary to make the vinyl wrap seem as if it is paint. By that, we mean that we will take extra measures, whether that be removing exterior parts and possibly interior parts to make sure seams and edges are hidden. This consequently takes more time but is well worth the wait as the overall image of the car is better.

How long do vehicle wraps usually last for?

Every vinyl that we use is different. Each film has its specific warranties but generally, a vinyl wrap can last anywhere from five to ten years. In some cases, they might even last longer than ten years with the correct maintenance and simply taking care of the wrap. If you think about vinyl as basically an extra layer of skin for your car, it’s easier to understand how waxing and cleaning the wrap from time to time can go a long way. Also, avoiding extremely cold and extremely hot environments will help it last much longer.

What if I don’t want to wrap my whole car?

The great thing about vinyl is the fact that it can be applied to almost any surface. So if you don’t want to do a full vehicle wrap, we can do essentially wrap any part that you’d like us to. Even simply wrapping your roof or accents in a different color can completely change the appearance of a vehicle so the possibilities are endless.

What is paint protection, clear bra, or clear shield?

They are all the same thing. These are films that can be applied to your vehicle in order to protect the original paint underneath them. Typically paint protection film is applied to the hood, fenders, mirrors, and bumpers. However, these films can essentially be applied to any part of the vehicle that is painted so the protection possibilities are endless. They can also be applied to lights in order to prevent them from yellowing due to weather over time.

How long does clear shield typically last and what are the warranties?

We offer Clear Shield in many different films so please ask a technician or sales representative about warranties for each specific film before completing your purchase. Clear Shield can last anywhere from five to fifteen years depending on the type of film that has been applied.

What is the self-healing topcoat for clear shield?

A self-healing topcoat simply means that any scratches or deformations on the top layer of the film can be restored to their original form through the application of heat. Simply leaving the car in direct sunlight (after it has fully cured of course) or using alternative heat sources can activate the self-healing topcoat.

Do you guys cut directly on the vehicle when applying clear shield?

A large majority of Clear Shield is precision cut to the exact specifications of the manufacturers. In some cases, we need to hand cut the film to fit certain vehicles. If this is necessary, rest assured that our installers are all very skilled and delicate when it comes to cutting directly on vehicles. Hand cutting is a very difficult procedure but all of our technicians are trained and experienced enough to know how to handle knife blades and razor blades on painted and clear-coated surfaces.

I just got clear shield applied but I see small bubbles, why is that?

During the installation process, it is imperative to get all the solution out of the film before it begins to adhere to the clear coat. In some cases, very small amounts of liquid will be visible after the vehicle has left our shop. This liquid needs time to evaporate in order to seal and cure properly. DO NOT LEAVE YOUR CAR IN DIRECT SUNLIGHT FOR TOO LONG AFTER CLEAR SHIELD IS APPLIED. Doing so may result in the film expanding or deforming due to heat exposure. During the curing process, which takes a minimum of two weeks and a maximum of one month, the liquid will evaporate naturally so don’t try and expedite the process by applying heat from the sun or other sources. During this duration of time, please also avoid washing or applying pressure to the areas where the Clear Shield has been applied. This will prevent the film from moving or sliding out of its correct position. It will also prevent any damage to your vehicle that may occur due to mishandling.

I already have a clear bra on my car but I want new, what’s the process?

The old clear bra will obviously need to be removed before applying a new film. A clear bra can be removed by simply peeling it off, or for an older clear bra, steam can be used to help the adhesive become easier to remove. We take very precocious steps to ensure a clean removal with no damage to the vehicle. Cars with old or low-quality paint jobs may be damaged during the removal process due to cracking or bad paint. In these instances, it may be necessary for parts to be repainted before a new film is applied.

What if my car has chips in the paint but I still want to get paint protection?

Small paint chips or scratches may be visible after the film is applied but it will still help prevent any further damage from occurring. In some cases, touch-up paint can be applied before the installation to help hide paint chips and scratches. It may be worth it for you to have certain panels or parts on the car repainted before the film is applied.

All of my electronics have been reset to factory defaults, why is that?

In some instances, car batteries need to be recharged in order to complete the installation or simply remove the vehicle from our garage. This is caused by the technicians needing accessory power in order to roll the windows up and down during the installation process. When a battery dies, in some cases, it may restore electronic devices in the car to their factory settings. If your car has a weak battery or alternator, please let our staff know before we begin working on your vehicle so we can take the necessary measures to ensure a timely and professional job.

Do you offer commercial and residential tinting?

Yes! Tint My Ride’s dedication to excellence is not restricted to just automotive customization. We also provide excellent work and prices for Commercial and Residential Window Tint, Security Film, Privacy Film, Decorative Window Film Glazing, Anti-Graffiti Film, and Vinyl Wrap Graphic Applications throughout Colorado!

What are the benefits of window tint for commercial and residential?

We are an authorized 3M dealer so there are so many great films to choose from. If you would like a specific film from 3M, please check out the website to get more information on the film. If you want your car to be detailed on the inside, make sure the person doing the detailing knows not to use ammonia-based cleaners on the inside of the windows.

What are the benefits of vinyl wrap graphic applications?

Vinyl Wrap is a limitless material that can create amazing graphics to help market your company. It can also be used inside buildings to add décor or a theme that can be essential for businesses to get customer’s attention. If you can imagine it, Vinyl Wrap can help bring it to real life.

What are the benefits of anti-graffiti film?

Anti-Graffiti Films simply prevent vandalism on glass from being permanent. Spray paint can be easily removed by water while a thick top layer can prevent scratches. Scratches that do appear can be removed by simply peeling off the film. This film helps prevent replacing your windows every time they’ve been vandalized. Instead, you replace an inexpensive piece of film and protect your mirrors, windows, and even Plexiglas in your business, home, or vehicle from receiving permanent damage from vandalism.

What are the benefits of decorative window film glazing?

Decorative Films share the same heat reduction, UV protection, glare reduction, and energy-saving traits as normal Window Tint while adding the ability to customize and decorate glass to your specifications. Decorative Films also provide the ability to dictate privacy on internal windows. This allows you to separate office space without having to remove the effect that natural sunlight has on the interior lighting in your building. Besides frosted glass, Decorative Film also comes in blackout shades as well.

What are the benefits of privacy film?

Privacy films allow people from the inside to look out but prevent people from the outside from looking in. These films come in mirror finishes as well as shades of black and many other colors.

What are the benefits of security film?

Security films are very thick which helps prevent potential intruders from easily breaking your windows or doors and entering your building. This thick film holds broken glass together making it increasingly difficult for people to completely breakthrough. This, in turn, causes the intruder to use more forceful and louder techniques to enter your building. This allows the police to begin responding at the moment your alarm goes off if you have one. It also makes their forceful entry more noticeable by your neighbors or other bystanders in the area. All of these benefits will either prevent people from entering your home or business or at least make it more noticeable that someone is trying to enter.

What does it cost to perform these services?

Each film varies in price and so does the size of the building and how many windows each one has. If you would like a price estimate or have questions relating to Commercial and Residential Window Tint, please fill out the form on the Commercial and Residential Page or give us a call!