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Choose Tint My Ride for Headlight & Tail Light Tinting in Denver, CO

When it comes to tinting and customizing your ride, don’t forget about your car’s headlights and tail lights. Tint My Ride is Denver’s preferred team for the premium headlight and taillight tinting services. We can customize your headlights or tail lights to whatever you have in mind. If you aren’t quite sure, our experienced team can give you some excellent ideas and show you examples of vehicles we’ve customized before. Don’t let your lights be the only part of your ride that isn’t customized or tinted. Make sure your ride looks as good from the front as it does from the back! Many drivers don’t realize how such a small change can create a huge difference in the overall appearance of your ride. Choose from the smoked-out head or tail lights, tinting that matches your headlights and taillights, completely black taillights, and more. Learn more about what we can do for your ride, and get in touch with us today for a free headlight or taillight tinting estimate.

Multiple Tinted Head & Tail Light Options

While your headlights and taillights might not be the first thing people notice about your ride, enhancing them is sure to impress. Our team of experts can apply tail light tint and tail light coating as well as provide tail light detailing services. We also do the same for your headlights, offering headlight detailing, headlight tint, and more. Every job we do is custom. You tell us exactly what you want, and we’ll make your ride look great. Learn more about the tinted headlight and taillight services we offer:

  • Luxe Film: As an authorized Luxe film dealer in Denver, CO, we’re excited to use the best brand in the business. Luxe protective film can be applied to headlights and tail lights. All Luxe products are made in the USA and come with a five-year warranty. Luxe film is high-quality and provides a less permanent solution for tinting headlights and tail lights. Luxe is a pliable 12 mil tint film cover featuring an adhesive backing. The industry-leading company makes custom-cut taillight film kits for several vehicles makes and models with many colors and shades to select from. Our team will professionally apply Luxe film to your lights and make sure you’re delighted.
Headlight & Tail Light Tinting

Why Choose us to Tint Your Tail & Headlights?

While some drivers enjoy working on their own rides, it’s best to leave headlight and taillight tinting services to the professionals at Tint My Ride. As an authorized Luxe dealer, we know the products inside and out. Our experienced team can install tail light tints, including gunsmoke, smoked, charcoal, and red. Check out the following reasons to choose Tint My Ride for the custom headlight and taillight tinting in Denver:

  • Unique Style: If you enjoy tinting or customizing your ride, you likely want it to be unique. Luxe tail light film is an excellent choice because you can choose from many tints from a very light shade to something mid-range, or even smoke our black-our film charcoal. With Luxe tail light film, you can make your car as unique as you are. Tint My Ride knows all the Colorado laws, so you can be sure you aren’t breaking any rules of the road with your stylish head or tail lights. We can also install headlight and fog light film, so your ride really stands out from the rest.
  • High-Quality Tints: At Tint My Ride, we use tints from Luxe, the industry’s premier manufacturer. Their durable and unique LightWrap™ is patent-protected to provide a stunning look for your vehicle. Our team is trained to apply the LightWrap™ to your car’s headlight and tail lights for results that last. LightWrap™ contours to many different shapes, so no matter what you’re driving, you can count on us.

Check out Our Other Auto Styling Services

Tint My Ride does a lot more than just headlight and taillight tinting and customization. You can trust our team for vehicle customization and protection in Denver. We’re your one-stop shop for all automobile customization services. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, just contact our team, and we’ll help you find a way to achieve your vision.

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