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Tips About Bug Removal from Car Paint in Denver, CO

Helping Motorists in Denver

Bug Removal from Car Paint in Denver, COHere at Tint My Ride, we come across a lot of vehicles in need of different levels of detailing service. But one thing we encounter with almost every detail job is bugs. Removing bug stains from car paint is one of the biggest challenges for someone that loves their vehicle, so we want to share some of our professional insight. First of all, you may be wondering why there are bugs around your car in the first place. Even in Denver, the warmer summer months means that insect larvae and eggs are warm enough to hatch. The melting water is also a magnet for mosquitos and other flying insects. That’s why you tend to see more bug guts and debris on your car in the summer. In general, you will see a lot of mosquitos and other flying insects on your car because that’s what the paint will encounter when you drive. Your car can move a lot faster than an insect so when you drive on the freeway or even on surface streets, your car smashes into hundreds of insects. And make no mistake about it, their guts can be very caustic and harsh on your paint job. Here at Tint My Ride, we offer professional detailing services to combat bug stains and other unsightly blemishes. We can even coat your car so that fewer bugs stick to the paint. If you want to return your car to a pristine state, give us a call. For now, let’s go over some tips to remove bugs safely from your car’s paint.

Ways to Remove Bugs from Your Car

You can always bring your car into our shop for professional detailing, but if you’re inclined to DIY projects, then you should know some effective tips on how to get bug guts off car paint.

  • Spray Wax – A spray wax that you can pick up at your local auto parts shop should work for removing bug stains from car paint. Spray the wax directly on the bug stain and use a microfiber towel to wipe it. It’s important to wipe in one direction and not work the spray wax in circular motions.
  • Bug Removal Spray – You can also pick up specialized bug removal sprays and apply them directly to the stain.
  • Degreasing Products – Degreasing products also work well on big stains, especially citrus-based degreasers. Once you apply one of these products, it’s important that you get your car washed or wash it yourself.
  • Bug Removal Sponges – Bug removal sponges have a textured yet soft surface that is very good at lifting the debris and moving gut stains. Use regular automotive soap on the stain before wiping.

Why You Should Remove Bugs from Car Paint

You may be wondering what can happen if you let bug stains remain. Bug guts are almost acidic which means they can eat away at the clear bra of your car. Over time, if you let bug stains be, you could compromise the clear bra and eventually the paint job itself. Bug stains can cause permanent paint damage which is why it’s best to take care of them as soon as possible. Here at Tint My Ride, we offer full detailing services in Denver, CO. We can handle your bug problem and make it so your car isn’t such a bug magnet in the first place. To find out more about our detailing and other automotive services, give us a call!