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The Premier Tesla Shop in Denver, CO

Customize and protect your Tesla in Denver, CO, with window tinting, clear bra paint protection film, and ceramic coating. Tint My Ride services all Tesla models, so we can enhance whatever you prefer to drive.

Transform Your Tesla

A full ceramic window tint will protect the interior design of your car while blocking out the sun to keep it nice and cool. The addition of tinted headlights and taillights will complete the look so you can ride in style.

Make Your Charge Last

Adding a tint to your windows will block the majority of solar heat from entering your Tesla. The power of the sun’s heat takes a toll on your car’s air conditioning and battery, causing it to use up more energy than it needs. Window tinting protects your Tesla’s internal systems, so you drive comfortably and stay on the road.

Clear Bra Car Paint Protection by Tint My Ride

Protect Your Ride

Clear bra paint protection film will keep your Tesla in shape and protect its paint job. We offer invisible paint protection film for every Tesla model, including Model 3, Model Y, Model X, and Model S.

Tesla Vinyl Wrap Services in Denver CO

Maintain Your Tesla’s Look

You can protect your car’s paint job with PPF while enhancing it with a sleek finish. The PPF wraps around the outside of your Tesla to prolong its new look and make the cleaning process easy.

Take Your Ride to the Next Level!